The Covid-19 impacts the service delivery of residents’ associations


For the Association of Residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood (Sapra), this year has been “interesting”, giving new meaning to the old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”.
The association said this applied globally, at the city’s national, provincial and parochial levels, the level at which Sapra operates. Not only has there been the Covid-19 epidemic which has had a profound impact across all of South Africa, but has also affected every nation in the world.
Sapra observes that South Africa has entered a recession followed by the degradation of our national debt to junk status, massive unemployment, state capture and a change in political direction. the City, which all had an impact on the association’s local service. delivery.

“Yet Sapra has resisted these woes and I can say that our membership has increased, our subscriptions are up, our bank balance is good and we continue to monitor service delivery and champion the cause of our residents.” Said Sapra secretary Caryn Turnbull. noted.

Sapra Chairman Bill Haslam said the Zoo Lake User Committee led by Fran Haslam was a voluntary group of active citizens who gave their time and money. “We are extremely grateful for the tremendous amount of work this committee is doing in trying to rehabilitate Zoo Lake. “One of the big highlights this year has been the erosion project.
“It was a successful project led entirely by this committee and with regular care and monitoring will add significantly to the park. Phases one through six of 11 have been completed and weeding and mulching of completed phases continues, ”added Haslam.

He said that Sapra’s biggest challenge of the year was definitely the Saxonwold water pipe project. The project started in January and the last refurbishments were underway. “We are very aware that this project has not gone smoothly and the patience of all residents has been strained. It has also been a great learning experience for us and we are engaging with the City to encourage greater community involvement in projects of this nature.

“We believe that there is a lot to do within the framework of a more active partnership between the City and the community. It should be noted that Sapra uses the City’s ADR framework to discuss with the City the poor quality of the work being done. We are currently waiting for a date to present our case to the oversight committee. “

Haslam said Sapra has been very active over the past year in trying to keep the suburbs clean. They purchased and installed metal garbage bins which were placed on strategically placed street poles in the suburbs. The green team was outfitted with Sapra-branded overalls, boots and gloves as well as tools.

Haslam concluded, “We have received good reports from our residents on the work that has been done. We wish all residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood a Happy New Year; enjoy the quality time you spend with your family.


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