PMP GESTION LLC. One of the fastest growing association management companies in the Austin, Texas market


AUSTIN, Texas, January 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PMP MANAGEMENT LLC. (PMP), a management company of local owners associations, is one of the fastest growing companies in the region, creating quality jobs and helping to Austin’s continued economic growth. Since opening its doors in the Solitary State in 2019, PMP has built a diverse community portfolio of over 8,000 housing units, comprising both condominiums and single-family homes, and has recently expanded its business to new offices at Austin.

Austin is an amazing city with limitless growth opportunities. Strong growth in residential real estate combined with a highly skilled workforce has resulted in investment in the Austin market an easy decision ”, says Brad watson, President and CEO of PMP. “The Austin the market did not disappoint. There’s a reason businesses are moving here. “

PMP’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative services have differentiated PMP in the saturated association management industry, contributing to their expansion within the Austin Marlet.

“We offer a unique approach to association management focused on a truly exceptional customer experience and the Austin the market responded favorably ”, says Tracie Manriquez, Director of Community Management for PMP. “I think the board members and residents were ready for a different approach to community management, and PMP has made a welcome change.”

The PMP office is located at 13785 Research Blvd, Austin texas 78750. For more information, visit or call PMP at (512) 381-2919.

PMP was founded in 2008 with a vision for a new approach to association management, focused on extraordinary customer service and a proactive, value-added management approach that has come to define their organization. After working with the association management industry for nearly a decade, the founders of their company recognized the opportunity to revolutionize the way homeowner associations are managed and improve the resident experience. . PMP currently manages over 170 communities representing approximately 40,000 households in 8 submarkets and 4 states, including California, Texas, Arizona, and Utah.

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