Lee Mason of Community Association Management Takes the Headaches Out of Your Homeowners Association



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Fayetteville attorney Lee Mason’s very unique service to homeowners associations and neighborhoods is consistently gaining statewide recognition through his company Community Association Management. Mason specializes in real estate law and the law of community associations. Promoters, homeowners’ associations and individuals turn to Mason for his expertise in this specialized legal niche.

Mason also offers full management services to condominium owners and associations. Its management company, Community Association Management, LLC (CAM) is ranked year after year in the Atlanta Business Chronicle Book of Lists as one of Georgia’s top community association management companies.

Lee Mason of Community Association Management and The Law Offices of Lee Mason.
Lee Mason of Community Association Management and Lee Mason Law Firms.

With CAM, Mason is able to dramatically simplify the operations of neighborhood associations by combining legal and management services in a single framework. Usually, associations must hire a management company for day-to-day operations and a lawyer for any legal issues that may arise. Mason’s clients receive management services as well as advice and guidance from an attorney experienced in the field of real estate and community associations.

Combining management and legal services is a unique concept. With Mason, communities receive both services for a fixed price. These fees will not increase for five years. That’s what sets us apart in this industry, Mason says.

“The CAM manages all association finances, including paying suppliers, collecting association dues, and reconciling association bank accounts each month,” Mason explains. “Our company also crosses neighborhoods to check for violations of conventions. Going to court to enforce treaty restrictions and collect unpaid homeowner association dues is standard practice for us. “

Mason notes that having a strong association of owners with quality management and legal services protects investments for all owners and helps ensure that property values ​​increase rather than decrease over time.

Find out how Lee Mason and CAM can handle the entire association legal process on your behalf by calling 770-692-0152.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to be the one watching your neighbors for pledge violations. You don’t have to be the one trying to collect association dues from the guy across the way. And if your neighbor doesn’t pay, you don’t have to take legal action. This is where the integrated services of CAM and Lee Mason’s law firms serve you best.

The team works hard for your association at all times:

  • The qualified broker who is also the lawyer
  • A management assistant
  • A legal assistant
  • An internal accountant
  • A breach of the commitment goes through a representative
Whitewater Creek Neighborhood Sign
Whitewater Creek Neighborhood Sign

How Lee Mason makes the legal process easier for you:

  • Collection of unpaid contributions and fees
  • Interpretation and application of the rules and constituting documents
  • Drafting of amendments to the constituting documents
  • Advise boards of directors on their legal rights and obligations under association documents
  • Review and negotiate contacts
  • Recommend preventive measures and changes in the practices and legal documentation of an association
  • The association never pays for the collection of legal fees incurred as these are collected from the delinquent owner.

What others have to say about Lee Mason and the community association management team:

“Since 2005, CAM has done a great job in managing our community. I have always found the CAM employees to be professional, helpful and courteous. CAM staff perform monthly driving inspections. Their application of our commitments is fair and appropriate. Mr. Mason has professionally represented our community in court on a number of engagement issues. In our years of working with CAM, they have never increased their costs. I would recommend both Lee Mason’s law firm and his management company to any condominium owner or association looking to hire a knowledgeable representative for their community. Dave Simmons, Past President, Whitewater Creek Community Association.

What Community Association Management and Lee Mason can do for your neighborhood:

  • Function and manage the Association as provided in the constitutive documents of the Association; visit the property once a month to look for breaches of the covenant; report findings to the Board of Directors or designate and mail letters of breach of commitments; assist and act under the direction of the board of directors
  • To assist Annual Association Meeting (in person) and quarterly Association Council meetings by conference call
  • To keep Association records and oversee payment for Association services; prepare the proposed operating and annual budget for approval and adoption by the board
  • To prepare financial statements and monthly reports, providing full and accurate accounting of all funds, maintain the Association’s tax records in accordance with recognized and acceptable accounting practices
  • Develop effective procedures for collecting contributions and accounts payable
  • Manage the property of the Association; keep records and office accounts, as well as bank accounts
  • Get calls for tenders and assist the Councils in the selection of insurance companies, contractors and auditors; promptly investigate accidents or damage claims; make and file timely reports to the insurance company.



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