Daily Buzz: When an Association Management Company Can Help


When do you know it’s time to consider the services of an association management company?

“Couldn’t we all use the association’s management aid to some extent?” asks Callie Walker of MemberClicks.

While this is true, there are a few signs it’s time to outsource some of your operations, suggests Walker. If a lack of resources to effectively manage all aspects of your organization is starting to affect the member experience, it may be a good idea to consider using an AMC to help fill the void. For example, nonprofits often struggle to retain their staff, which an AMC can provide.

An AMC can also help your organization if it lacks expertise in a particular area. Suppose you have good staff who work well with members, are knowledgeable in fundraising, and plan memorable events, but fall short when it comes to marketing. This is where an AMC can step in.

“Yes, you can hire an AMC to manage your entire association, but you can also hire an AMC to perform certain functions and / or complete certain projects,” says Walker.

Marketing with voice technology in mind

How does your audience find your content? This can be done through voice technology, like Siri, so keep voice search in mind when creating content, suggests Christoph Trappe in an article for Content Marketing Institute. For example, giving your podcast a name that is easy to remember and pronounce will increase the chances that voice searchers will find it.

“If you ask Siri” Business Storytelling Podcast, “my podcast is not the first and only result. (Remember, many voice searches show or say only one result.) You must say “Christoph Trappe: The corporate storytelling podcast” to be number one. It was my mistake when I set it up, long before I thought about vocal strategy, “says Trappe.

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